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Contrast Adventure Norway Bike tour Aursjøveien

Bike tour Aursjøveien

This is a 2 day bike tour, where we bike the spectacular Aursjøveien. This road is famous for being tougher than Trollstigen, but it is perfect for biking, since there are almost no traffic here. A hidden secret, we make available for you! We start at Sunndalsøra, and the first day is uphill through the valley "Litldalen". When we reach the top, we follow the gravel road all the way into the mountain plateu and stay at the cabin Aursjøhytta for night.  The next day, we start easy with some fairly flat area in beautiful surroundings, before we bike all the way down to Eikesdalen. Here we will make a stop at Aurstupet and the waterfall Mardalsfossen. Here we will have pick up, and we will take you back to Sunndalsøra.

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Contrast Adventure Norway Bike tour Oppdal - Åndalsnes

Bike tour Oppdal - Åndalsnes

To experience wilderness in close reach from a bike, gives a total different approach than from a carseat. Smells, sounds and weather becomes very real, and you will experience the surroundings around you change from a mountain range, where you can (if you're lucky) catch a glimpse of a raindeer or a grouse, before you eventually see the sparkeling fjord in a distance. To slow down, and just exsist on a bike, gives a huge inner reward. The tour is an adventure from beginning to end. We start by the mountains and end up by the fjord. The tour starts at Oppdal train station, and ends at Åndalsnes train station. We then recommend the popular “Raumabanen” after the tour. The tour`s distance is a total of 240 km, and we climb almost 4000 metres during the tour. We can do the trip in 3 days, but for those who want shorter days on the bike, we recommend to make the tour in 4-6 days. We also recommend to stay one extra night in Åndalsnes, and do the popular hike of “Romsdalseggen”. Join us for an adventure you'll never forget!

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Contrast Adventure Norway Climbing Innerdalstårnet

Climbing Innerdalstårnet

The Innerdalen valley and the summit of the Innerdal tower  (1452 moh) Climb the classic tower of Innerdalen, 1.452 meters above sea level! Innerdalstårnet,is a majestetic mountain in Innerdalen. The Innerdalen, is a valley famous for being one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway. We will meet at the parking area in Nerdalen, and hike slowly to the Summer farm Renndølssetra, approx 1 hour. (or we can meet at Renndølssetra or Innerdalshytta). From there we will hike to the lake; Giklingvatnet, before we start the last climb to the summit. The tour is exposed, but you do not need any cimbing experience.

Contrast Adventure Norway Hiking in Trollheimen

Hiking in Trollheimen

Trollheimen – the mountain area Trollheimen is one of the most famous hiking areas in Norway, it is surrounded by high mountains in a lush nature with lakes in a great variation. Here you will have many mountains, trails and nice cabins easy accessible. This is a 3-day tour, where you can extend it with an extra day, climbing/hiking on the Innerdalstårnet.  We stay at the charming house/cabin at Kårvatn, and the Summer Farm at Renndølsetra. The guide will prepare food at Kårvatn, and the host will serve excellent food at the Summer Farm.  The tour is graded moderate to challenging. Approx 7-8 hours hiking per day on nice hiking trails.   Group departure (4-day with Innerdalstårnet) August 3-6 2018

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Contrast Adventure Norway Mountain bike tour

Mountain bike tour

A real mountain bike adventure in Oppdal mountain area! Oppdal is a great spot for mountain bike. We have several mountains and trails to choose from. We will pick one or two that would fit you perfect. If you need to rent a bike, you can add that when you book your activity. This is an example for a one day activity, but you could stay in Oppdal for several days, and we can explore more trails if you have time!  

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Contrast Adventure Norway Norway Fjords Multisport Tour

Norway Fjords Multisport Tour

Norway Fjords Multisport Tour An Inn & Hut Hiking, Rafting, Biking, and Cultural Adventure in the “Soul” of Norway—the Fjordlands From the mountains to the fjords, Norway is a land of stark contrasts. It is a world where sleek, modern style blends with centuries-old Norse design, where untamed landscapes envelop pristine cosmopolitan cities, and the cordial descendents of ruthless warriors carry the legacies of adventure and harmony in nature. Boasting four UNESCO World Heritage sites, five national parks and several of the world’s highest waterfalls, Norway’s natural beauty is unrivaled. Beginning with the majestic National Park of Dovre, where we might meet musk ox and wild rein deer, we make our way through the mountain plateu, through the steep valleys and down to the fjords. We will travel with bikes, hiking and rafting, and in this compact area with as little driving as possible all the way to the water’s edge discovering why the Norwegian word for folktale, “eventyr,” is derived from Latin for “adventure”. Day 1. Train Oslo-Dombås. Arrival Dombås train station. Visit the National Park of Dovre and Transfer to Oppdal Day 2. Hiking up Almanjbergjet Opp, Skifer Hotel Day 3. Rafting the Driva River Day 4. Transfer to Sunndalsøra, Hike to Åmotan Waterfall and Cultural Stops, evening hike to Innerdalen, Tredal Hotel (011-47-71-69-87-00 / http://www.tredal.com/en/home / private bath) Day 5. Biking the Aursjøroad from Sunndalsøra to Aursjøhytta Cabin  Day 6. Biking the Aursjøroad from Aursjøhytta Cabin to Eresfjord, Kavli Moen Gård  Day 7. Hiking Romsdalseggen, Åndalsnes Day 8. Hiking in Åndalsnes,  Day 9 Departure day, Train from Åndalsnes to Oslo    

Contrast Adventure is an adventure and activity company that operates throughout Norway, where nature is filled with awe-inspiring contrasts… from the ocean, long the coastline, through the fjord, and up to the plateau and mountain peaks. We can organize your ultimate Norway adventure!