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Circumnavigate Smøla

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It is a unique adventure to paddle around an entire island, through thousands of small islands and reef. The tour around Smøla is a journey through varied landscape. Islands where we paddle the tidal flows, and reaches the bays and coves that are only possible with the kayak.

Smøla consist of more than 4000 islands and reef, and it has Norway’s largest ”low-land prairie”, with large, flat marshlands. The west side of the island has thousands of small islands and islets. To the north, Veiholmen stretches out into the North Sea like an index finger. To the east, sheltered coves and islands form a delightful archipelago.To the south there are magnificent panoramic views towards the Tustna mountains, while the countryside on the islands of Edøy and Kuli is very distinctive. In Smøla you can catch fine trout in small lakes. Around Smøla, sea eagles soar majestically over the landscape, and offshore bite big cod willing.

This tour around the island is a fairly long trip for those with less experience. So here we have set up the tour for up to 4 days with paddling, to make it comfortable and flexible for everyone

Our basecamp, where we start and end the tour is at the charming Smøla Havstuer, where they prepare good and local food, and have the sauna ready for us – on the deck. During the trip we stay in tents and the last night we will stay in a light house, just outside Veiholmen. With the tents and food in our kayak, we have the flexibility to paddle as far as we want to each day.
The certified guide is equipped with all security equipment needed for the group.

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Day 1: Arrival Smøla Havstuer in the evening. During the dinner, we will go through the plan for the next days, and everyone will have the chance to get to know each other, and learn more about the tour, before departure
next morning.

Day 2: After a good breakfast we will start with some introduction, for those with less experience and some
practising just outside Smøla Havstuer. Then we do the security check, and learn how to prepare and pack the kayaks for a long expedition. After a good lunch, we are ready to go! We start on the Westside of Smøla, and heads to the south. In the evening, we will camp by the beach, and sleep in a lavvo/tent.

Day 3: The tour of the day is from South-West to the Eastside of Smøla. We will paddle through Straumen,
the strongest tidal flow on Smøla. In the evening we will make a nice camp, and enjoy an excellent tasteful dinner, before we go to bed in our tents.

Day 4: We will continue ”up” on the Eastside, and pass Hopen, before we reach Veiholmen, the upper Northern point, before we head South again. Here we will stop at the light house Haugjegla, where we will sleep for the night. In the evening we can take a walk in the old, and alive fishing village of Veiholmen, and enjoy the light Summer night there.

Day 5: This is the last day of the tour, and we head South again from Veiholmen to the wilder part of the Westside. This is also the roughest part for the fishermen, and there are many stories from hundreds of year ago from this area. In the afternoon we will reach Storvardøya, and then Råket and Smøla Havstuer.

Physical level: This tour can be enjoyed for also less experience paddlers. However you should be in general good shape, as the days in the kayaks can be long. Age above 16 years. All guests will
go through a security check before we start on the tour, in addition to get knowledge
about how to prepare and pack for a longer kayak tour.
Distance per day: In totalt 70-80 km paddling, so in 4 days, we will have about 15-20 km per day. We will
start in the morning with 2-3 hours, and then take another 3-4 hours after lunch time. If
the weather is good, we can also do some paddling during late evening/night.
Arrival: Smøla Havstuer or Edøy, Smøla (The Coastal Express)
How to get here: The Coastal Express from Trondheim or Kristiansund is highly recommended (30 minutes
from Kristiansund and 2 ½ hour from Trondheim) www.kystekspressen.no. You can also
arrive with car from Aure and a ferry Sandvika-Edøy (www.mrf.no). Kristiansund is the
closest airport.

- Sea kayaking around Smøla, 4 days

- Certified and local guide

- Start and end the tour at Smøla Havstuer

- Stay one night in a lighthouse and two nights in tents

- Enjoy self caught fresh fish for dinner



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