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Introduction to Alpine Ski Touring Course

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Hiking up mountains on skis is a winter activity growing in popularity! What could be better than enjoying the turns down a mountain you have just climbed up. This a nature experience where you can master new skills. Backcountry skiing can be a social sport providing your daily dose of both aerobic training and downhill skiing. If you would like to learn the basics to give you a kick start to the sport of backcountry skiing, this course is for you.  


Aspects of backcountry skiing covered in this course include route planning, tour planning, correct use of equipment, and traveling in avalanche terrain. Participation in this course will help you be safer on your ski tours, learning from mountain professionals who can help you with all your questions. No previous experience or knowledge necessary, but intermediate skiing ability (down) and moderate fitness recommended. 




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2 days


Backcountry skis (with walk function) or telemark skis

Climbing skins that fit your skis

Backpack with necessary winter clothes (waterproof jacket, warm jacket, gloves, hat) and water

Avalanche transceiver, shovel and prove (can be rented from Fjellsentralen)


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