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Ski mountaineering in Northwest Norway

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This is a challenging tour designed for people especially interested in ski mountaineering. This tour is a combination of backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering (winter scrambling). The Fjord area of Northwest Northway perfectly suited to ski mountaineering, with narrow rocky ridges and pointy mountain tops. Feal your stomach jump as you stand on an exposed mountain top. This is an amazing opportunity for those wanting to experience more challenging ski tours and mountain tops in a safe way, with a certified and experienced guide leading the way. 

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Day 1 
Trolltind-Åbittind traverse

We will meet-up in Øksendalen (Phillipshaugen Lodge) in the morning, to go through our equipment and day's plan. The goal for the day is the traverse from Trolltind/ Åbittind. These mountain are located in the Jordalsgrenda area, where the road takes you up to about 480 m. The trip starts with the ascent of Trolltind (1347 m), before harnesses are put on for the traverse to the top of Åbittind. 800 m of skiing awaits you from the top of Åbittind. 

Accommodation and dinner at the historic Phillipshaugen Lodge, where the host Christian will make you an amazing dinner. 


Day 2 
Glennfjellet to Litjgladnebba traverse

An early breakfast, before departure to Brandstad. If the conditions are right, the goal for the day will be the traverse over Glennfjell to Litjgladnebba. This tour is dependent on good stable snow conditions and suitable weather, but there are many amazing alternatives in the area. Regardless of the day's mountain, you will get to experience the incredible ski descent that the valley of Øksendalen is famous for.

Accommodation and dinner at Phillipshaugen Lodge


Day 3
 Innerdalen (Virumkjerringa or Gøvelnebba)

After breakfast, we will check out of Phillipshagen, and drive to Innerdalen (ca. 30 min). Three days and three different mountain areas. The goal of the day is either a round trip on Virumkjerringa or a trip to the classic summit of Grøvelnebba. Both of these tours provide excellent skiing on the way down, with some rocky and exposed section and a rappel on the way up.

After the day's ski, there is a transfer to Oppdal (for train connections), or Molde (for flights). 

Condition-dependent ski mountaineering in the mountains of Sunndal 

Guide ratio 1:2 (with certified guides)

Available from the end of February to the beginning of May

Set dates 2019, April 8-10, and also on request


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