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Nordic Ski Høvringen til Lillehammer

This is a week-long cross-country skiing in the Rondane and Lillehammer mountain areas. You will get the full Norwegian ski experience as you travel south along the mountain plateau. This trip follows marked winter routes, with some groomed trails. This trip includes 4 nights at high mountain hotels and 2 nights at mountain cabins. This trip is suitable for all those in normal good health, moderate fitness, and some cross-country ski experience. As there is not groomed trail for the entire trip, it is recommended to have Nordic Skis with metal edges for this trip.

Day 1: Arriving at Høvringen
Welcome to this beautiful pearl!
Accommodation: Høvringen

Day 2: Høvring- Kvamsfjellet 33 km
Moderate day trip. Accommodation: Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell with the beautiful view over Rondane.

Day 3: Kvamsfjellet- Venabygdsfjellet 33 km
Challenging day trip. Climb up to Eldåkampen and Eldåbu. Hilly terrain to Venabygdfjellet.  No groomed trails
Accommodation: Venabu Fjellhotell or Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane

Day 4: Venabygdsfjellet - Øksendalen 25 km
Beautiful mountain terrain at an altitude of 1000 m.a.s.l. Groomed regularly.
Accommodation: Frisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen

Day 5: Øksendalen - Vetåbu 22 km
Easy day - trip. Partly groomed.
Accommodation: Vetåbu. Self-served DNT - cabin. 

Day 6: Vetåbu - Pellestova 36 km
Long day - trip. Mostly groomed.
Accomondation: Pellestova Hotell Hafjell

Day 7: Pellestova - via Nordseter/ Sjusjøen til Lillehammer 25/30 km
Easy day - trip. Choose your distance depending on today's shape.